The Magic Circle of Norway

The Magic Circle of Norway (MCN) is a national organization for magicians.

We have more than 300 members, ranging from amateurs to professionals. To become a member, you must show that you have necessary knowledge and interest in magic.

Haakon Esplo is the president of the organization.

Many Activities

MCN is situated in Oslo, where we have monthly meetings. We also have local clubs and mini circles other places in Norway.

At the meetings, magicians meet to exchange ideas, learn more about magic by Norwegian and international lecturers, experience interviews and mini shows with profiled members, watch magic videos, and have fun together.

Long Traditions

MCN was founded in Oslo October 21st 1928. It’s the oldest magic organization in Scandinavia.

MCN collaborates with the other Scandinavian magic clubs and organizations through Nordic Magic Union. (Nordisk Magi Union).

The club is also associated to the worldwide network of magic clubs: FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magicques). FISM is the organizer of the magic world championships every three years. Next world championships will be hosted in Blackpool in 2012.

Members of MCN have access to the club’s extensive library and video collection, with magic related books and video. Reading and studying these treasures can help members improve in their craft.

Terje Nordheim at the Norwegian Magic Museum. (Photo: Sigmund Clementz)

Terje Nordheim at the Norwegian Magic Museum. (Photo: Sigmund Clementz)

Magic Museum

MCN in collaboration with The Magic Ring (DMR) is running the Norwegian Magic Museum – probably Norway’s smallest and funniest museum!

In 2000 MCN merged with the Norwegian Magic Junior Circle, a club for young magicians, founded in Oslo, February 19th 1958.

The clubs have had a close relationship through the years, with joint meetings and member’s magazine.

After the merge, MCN got its own junior department.