Seminar om teknologi og magi m/ Magic Pro Ideas

Tid: 24. februar 2024 kl. 11:00

Sted: Cue Scene og Lounge – Thorvald Meyers gate 11

MCN inviterer til seminar om teknologi og magi med den argentinske trylleforhandleren Magic Pro Ideas på nyåpnede Cue Scene øverst på Grünerløkka i Oslo!

Etter seminaret er det mulighet for å kjøpe seg en matbit til lunsj – Cue har en utsøkt pizza-meny.


Magic Pro Ideas - New Technology Applied to Professional & Amateur Magic

From Argentina, the Magic Pro Ideas team led by Javier Franco will hold a 2-hour lecture.

We show how to apply technology to our routines in an easy but astounding way.

How to use technology as a tool naturally, without the public noticing it or realizing that we are using these tools.

Customization of routines for business and social events adapted to each client, using different technologies.

We will also see how to perform extremely powerful modern magic, using the spectators' mobiles.

As well as different interactive effects for Stage, Parlor, Close Up, and Streaming, where the entire public performs them at the same time, achieving a complete interaction with the public.